COACHING will focus on your view of the world and identify your best way forward

Book and introductory session, whatever your goals - via Skype or in person

Book and introductory session, whatever your goals - via Skype or in person


Susan is a dynamic and empathic coach, certified by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM).

She will enable you to progress your thinking using tools and techniques that will access your ability to move forward with confidence.

Susan offers both work and life coaching and works both with individuals and small groups across sectors from universities to the travel industry.

Most coaching is for a minimum of three sessions. An introductory session will determine a way forward.

Each session is based on your own agenda and will help you think more clearly. We will look at expectations and barriers to help you focus, get motivated and deal with current issues.

Susan is a direct and sometimes challenging coach who gets results fast.


Coaching will enable you look at the future in a different way and move your business or thinking forward. It offers tools to identify barriers to self-improvement or growth in order to achieve gain.

You will be supported through the process by an experienced and qualified coach who will work with you to create this self-development and find a new way of looking at inhibiting issues or circumstances. 

You will need to be committed in order to help the process, and have a willingness to be open-minded, to challenge behaviours, to set goals and take action. 

Many businesses adopt a coaching culture in order to reach targets, goals and build relationships. It is a way of aligning work life balance and changing tasks from being operational to inspirational. 

Most successful individuals will have had a coach or mentor at some point in their lives, returning from time to time when further journeys are needed. 

unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance
— Sir John Whitmore

The coaching offered follows guidelines set by the European Council for Coaching and Mentoring (EMCC).  Coaching is not a 'quick fix' nor is it therapy or counselling. By accepting coaching you will give your coach permission to challenge self-inhibiting attitudes or ways of thinking and behaving. You will also have to take full responsibility for yourself and any actions you undertake that might result from coaching. 


Three sessions, spaced no more than three or four weeks apart are generally considered a minimum period for a client to put progression into place. Your coaching session may be face to face or on Skype or the telephone. It is up to you how long a session lasts, but my clients find 90 minutes to begin with is useful. 

Mentoring is just another word for coaching. Having worked extensively in the media, many of my clients want to tap into my expertise.


Coaching can help staff understand the goals or ethics of your company, increase productivity and maintain loyalty.  Companies that adopt a coaching culture maintain staff for longer addressing any issue from leadership to management or customer service. If business coaching starts at the top, it will permeate downwards, leaving the CEO or top managers to get on with their job rather than being caught up with everyday trivia.

For individuals coaching can look at: 

  • leadership and management skills

  • public speaking

  • decision-making

  • editorial content and getting your message across

  • negotiating and building relationships at work

  • career progression and expectations

  • persuading and influencing


Before embarking on coaching the coach and the client will usually agree a contract between them, which might include when feedback will be given, the commitment to the time spent together, confidentiality and where the coaching will take place.  Book an introductory session to see how we can work together. At this stage no commitment is needed.