I was successful in pitching stories about my trip - 16 commissions in all! But I still need help, I think I’m misfiring in some respects
— Claire B August 2013


How to feel confident and connected in your working life                                        


  • Promote yourself or your brand
  • Create content for your blog or website
  • Get feedback on pitches
  • Communication and presentation skills
  • Improve your blog content
  • Find new outlets online and in print
  • Enable career progression
  • Improve relationships at work
  • Crisis management and decision-making

Individual sessions: from £80 an hour. £110 90 minutes.

Group sessions: My group sessions also offer an element of Mentoring. You will get individual feedback see Pitch Clinics (London).


MENTORING is where you work in a special field and are looking for guidance and expertise from someone who is experienced in that subject are. The Mentor will enable you to progress your thinking and offer insight and expertise. With 30 years of working in the media, as a journalist, broadcaster, editor and travel writer it isn't surprising that many of my clients are looking to get published and further their careers.

COACHING is where a trained individual looks at the issues you raise objectively and enables you to find solutions. The coach is skilled at listening and asking questions. I offer both Coaching and Mentoring. I may use Coaching skills in a mentoring session. I also work as a LifeCoach within companies and with individuals.

Outcomes can range from feeling more motivated and confident to being able to make important decisions.

HOW DO I KNOW IF I NEED A MENTOR? You may be writing in a work capacity for a publisher in a staff job, or as a freelance pitching ideas. You might be planning to write a non-fiction book, or looking to move on or change direction. You might feel stuck or depressed about your prospects. You'd probably want to earn more. 

A Mentor can help you explore any issue that is holding you back and enable your full potential.

Coaching and Mentoring are not a 'quick fix'. I suggest an introductory session, to see whether you feel we can work together, followed by two further sessions, spaced about a month apart. I also have clients who return regularly as their situation develops or changes.

Skype works well if you are outside the UK or London.

My clients live as far apart as Melbourne, Kuala Lumpur, Zagreb, Venice and Scotland.


Susan is a great instructor to learn to freelance with.
— Hina, 2015

CLIENTS Many of my clients are writers and creatives: journalists and non-fiction authors, photographers wanting to add words, women returners and freelancers at home with young children. I also work with PRs and marketing departments, travel industry professionals, CEOs and entrepreneurs seeking individual help with start-ups and blog

They come to me when there is something that is holding up progression. The media profession is changing rapidly and there is often a need to re-fresh or learn new skills.  Experienced editors and journalists may be reluctant to embrace social media or engage in writing digital content; marketeers may be good at selling by may need to hone their writing skills.

Whatever the buzzwords there will also be a market for articulate writing and good research skills, without letting go of integrity.

You really have a gift for helping people. I am much clearer now about what I want to do with my new company
— Entrepreneur Hackney