Media Training


Specialist knowledge: Travel Industry

Susan has worked as a hotel inspector and food writer and for the last few years has been a judge on the TravelMedia Awards.


How to build a successful relationship with your team, clients and editors

Leadership and management

Editorial skills from press releases to pitching

Sourcing topical news hooks

Interview skills

Writing op-eds and columns

Presentation and public speaking

Writing web content 

Using social media


Susan Grossman has 30 years experience as a journalist, broadcaster and editor. She worked for the BBC TV and Radio4 for 15 years.

Susan currently works as a university lecturer, and is certified by the Institute of Leadership and Management in Coaching and Mentoring. She has over 15 years of experience working with both teams and individuals. Her approach is unique and she combines interactive exercises with various disciplines from art therapy to NLP. She has facilitated courses on Skyros and is a painter and photographer.


Start at £450 per half day

From £800 per full day depending on location and numbers.


City University, My Family First, Project Associates, Guardian Sustainable Business, The Bookseller, Westminster University, The AA, Guild of Health Writers, Malta Tourism Board, Water Aid, bankers, senior editors, marketing officers, PRs, authors, freelancers and bloggers.

Susan was brilliant at taking a complex media ‘sell’ and making it simple and engaging. She won over the client who was nervous about speaking to the media. I would certainly use her again.
— Jo Advertising Agency