When were you last faced with a work conundrum? And who did you turn to for help? I offer more than a quick nod in the right direction from an experienced freelancer.

Looking back at my career I can honestly say it was support, insight and knowledge that changed my life. In those days i was lucky to meet exceptionally generous people en route to my jobs as a BBC broadcaster, magazine editor and travel writer.

Keen to give back what I got, I took some time out to train as an an accredited coach and mentor so that I can help progress careers using tried and tested tools and techniques, alongside 30 plus years of freelancing; from being travel editor on a national newspaper, to reporting for BBC Radio 4 and presenting TV programmes.

What you’ll get: a straight-talking challenging coach who will facilitate your progression, whether it’s a new job, more work as a freelance, building relationships at work or increased self confidence and motivation.

What you’ll achieve: clear thinking, self belief, writing skills, confidence to perform at interview

Currently, I’m a Visiting Lecturer in journalism at two London universities and the City Lit I also run regular workshops and courses and mentor individuals in person, worldwide and over Skype.

If you’d like a taster of how I can help you, contact me for a 10 minute FREE telephone consultation.

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‘I couldn’t recommend Susan highly enough’
Lucy Pearson, Sydney, Australia 2017

Do you lack confidence?

  • Clarify and reach goals

  • Create a nonfiction book strategy

  • Access your potential

  • Manage, lead or delegate

  • Impress editors or clients

  • Get .help with decision making

  • Improve pitches to editors

  • Write a mission statement

  • Grow your start-up

  • Better blogging

  • Get to grips with social media


Individual help in person or via Skype

Lecturer Journalism MA. Coach and Mentor    ILM    accredited (Inst of Leadership & Management).

Lecturer Journalism MA. Coach and Mentor ILM accredited (Inst of Leadership & Management).


  • Improve self belief and confidence

  • Grow potential

  • Enable leadership skills

  • Help with relationships at work

  • Decision making

  • Enable ideas

‘Susan tunes in fast. With one of her Pitch Clinics I moved from despair to motivation’

Pitch Clinics

Alongside my individual work I offer regular Wednesday morning Pitch Clinics so that you can run ideas past me, and a group of like-minded creatives. We will suggest editors who pay! and are looking to commission. Every participant gets individual feedback.

‘Susan helped me believe in myself and my abilities. I can’t thank her enough for enabling me the work I always wanted’
— Elizabeth January 2018

Media Training

  • Impress clients with innovative ideas

  • Write effective editorial

  • Get messages across clearly

  • Crisis management and interview skills

  • Individual or team training

freelance journalists   women returners   former editors

bloggers   non-fiction writers   entrepreneurs PRs

HR departments  public relations and marking execs

travel, food and hotel industry



My Facebook group JournoAnswers supports writers and creatives worldwide, currently 3.6K members. We post up jobs and work opportunities and offer support through linking up with other journalists. To find out more and to join click here.

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‘I came away from your coaching completely fired up and determined to make it happen, and it did! I can’t thank you enough.’


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“Just had my interview. Your advice was absolutely fantastic - would have been a very different conversation without it. I got offered a job as a news reporter in Jerusalem” Guy March 2019