my job is to hear yours

enable you to access your potential 

Challenge belief systems

rethink expectations 

remove barriers that limit progression

access your core strengths 

REKINDLE YOUR courage anD commitmenT

Susan will take you where you want to go with commitment, drive and support
— Jane Small Business Owner





My mission has always been to support those looking to move forward in their careers, and help them deal with obstacles. 

I believe that we all need a mentor at some point in our lives. I had three. Each of them appeared at a pivotal moment and offered wisdom and support. It takes courage to leap into the unknown alone.  They believed I could do it, so I did.

In learning more about coaching it became clear to me that everyone needs a different approach. 

Most of my coaching clients like the support coaching gives them at a distance from their organisation or workplace. 

Other's especially freelance journalists, benefit from the support of others in a similar position as themselves which is why I started to run my Freelance Cafes eight years ago.

Last year I set up a Facebook page JournoAnswers which offers support to freelance journalists and a group forum in which to ask questions, share networking events and find work.

Regular commissions after pitching workshops


Malta Tourism, Project Associates, American Express, Relais & Chateau, My Family Club, Ad hoc PR, The Bookseller, Southern Housing. Westminster University.  American Express, Kenwood House.